After birds are released:

Press FUNCTION key

Select VELOCITY CALC.  Press OK.

Select A  Release and Press  OK.

Screen will display:Enter Date and Time of Release

(for example:)


00 00 0000 00 0004 06 0209 30 00

Distance   Distance


Compute your distance into yards:  1760 X Milage.    Example:  1760 X 114.767 = 201989.92
Round off to 201990.  Under DISTANCE on the Unikon screen, enter your primary numbers, leaving the first and last two places as Zero's.  For example:  020199000.

Enter Distance for your loft.

Press UP or DOWN arrow to return to the MENU Screen.


After a bird arrives from the race, the Station/Date/Current Time line will display computed velocity for 3 seconds and then back to normal for 3 seconds.  This flashing back and forth continues on its own.

01378.5 m/min - distrgard m/min as your distance was computed in yards.

01378.5 is 1378.5 yards per minute

This is only an estimated speed.  Clock deviations, etc. will be computed into your club computer at knockoff.


Open Unikon for Windows

Put the first module into the base and make sure the base is on and connected to your club pc.

*** Click "Race Information" on the top menu

*** Then click on "Generate WinSpeed Race Data File"

*** Choose to store the file in C:\UNI

*** Data will then be transferred

**** Enter liberation date (mm/dd/yy) then click "OK"

*** Race data is then copied, click "OK"

Put the next flyer’s module into the clock and repeat the *** steps until every module has been transferred.

Close Unikon for Windows

Open Winspeed

Click Clocks, then Unikon, then Unikon for Windows from the menu.

Select Source for Unikon File by clicking C:\Uni

Click and highlight the first race in the clock and click Next

Use Loft Names

In the Match EBSS Clock Flyer with a Winspeed Flyer window, click on appropriate flyer in the Winspeed Flyers box that corresponds to the flyer listed in the ‘There is no match for:’ box.

Click on the race in the clock (in the box under Clock Race Date) then click on the appropriate race in the Races in Winspeed box.  Select the next race in the clock and match that with the appropriate race in the Winspeed box, until all races in the clock are matched and show in the Race Matches box. Click Next.

Click No to ‘limit birds transferred to Winspeed’

Say Yes to save all the clockings for the selected races

Should get a message that the data has been transferred

Go to Print Report, select the race, and Make Report.

MAY 19, 2008
If you are not the race secretary, please inform your race secretary of these new changes.

The Unikon bands are a brand new chip ring band. This new band uses the most up to date, and highest security RFD chip available.

This will require an upgrade to the software on the club data logger and the club antenna, before basketing for a race. Easy on screen instructions will guide you along.

You will want to download the following two programs on this website:  http://www.cbspigeon.com/supplies/unikon/index.html
Club Data Logger Upgrade
Club Antenna Upgrade