Puget Sound Concourse
Revised: January 3, 2009


Section 1.
The name of this organization shall be the PUGET SOUND CONCOURSE, incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington as a non-profit organization.

Section 2.
The Puget Sound Concourse and all clubs in the concourse shall be affiliated with the American Racing Pigeon Union (AU) and will compete and conduct their activities in compliance with the AU rules and Competition Standards. Members may affiliate with any other club or national organization as an individual or as a club, if desired.

Section 3.
The Purpose of this Concourse is to promote and provide friendly competition between the member racing pigeon clubs; to promote the hobby of breeding and racing Homing Pigeons; to provide for their safe care, handling and transportation; and to foster a positive social environment for the concourse members and their families.

Section 1. Membership:
Membership shall consist of the members of the, Tacoma RPC, Greater Seattle RPC, Top Gun RPC, Mount Rainier Invitational RPC, and the Olympia RPC. Junior membership shall be limited to persons under eighteen (18) years of age.
Ø Boundaries of the Concourse are: South-65 miles north of the Battleground station; North-145 miles north of the Battleground station. Any member that is south of the south boundary who was a member of the Olympia club on November 1, 1998 will be allowed to continue and enjoy all benefits of the Concourse. No new members will be allowed membership in the Concourse if outside the boundaries.

Section 2. New Club Membership:
New clubs may be admitted upon making application in writing, and shall include a roster of member’s names, addresses, telephone numbers, and club officers. A copy of the club constitution, along with a $25.00 entry fee shall be filed with their application along with proof they are members in good standing with the AU. New clubs may be admitted by a three-quarters (3/4) favorable vote of the PSC membership at an annual meeting.

Section 3. Annual Year:
The annual year for membership and officer’s terms shall begin January 1st and end December 31st of that year. Membership dues and fees must be paid prior to or at the time of the first race for that series of races for old birds or no later than the first shipping for new flyers. Membership dues and other fees will be adjusted on an annual basis as necessary (see Membership, Section 9. page 8). Dues and Fees must be agreed upon by a three-quarters (3/4) favorable vote of the PSC membership at an annual meeting. Membership dues and other fees must be announced for the following year no later than January 31st of each year, i.e. January 31, 2005 for the 2005 season.
Section 1. Voting:
A ¾ vote of the whole active membership ( active membership as defined by AU rule 5.0 July 04 “Only active racing members are eligible to vote on an organization’s race-related matters. An ‘Active Racing Member’ is an organizational member who has shipped, clocked and reported in at least 2 races of a regular series per year”) is required to amend or delete any provisions of articles I, II, and/or III. A majority vote of concourse active members is required on any other issue such as race schedules, race rules, shipping and the election of officers of the Concourse, except where otherwise noted. All active members must be given a minimum of 21 calendar days to return ballots once they are made available.

Section 2. Election of officers:
Officers shall be nominated at a regular Annual Concourse meeting to be held the 2nd Saturday after the last official Young Bird Race. This will typically be in October. Nominations of at least two candidates for each office shall be made from the floor of the meeting and upon being made, the President shall order that they be added to the list of nominees to be placed on an official ballot. All nominees shall have the privilege to decline nomination. Should only one individual be nominated for an office their name will be the sole entry on the ballot. Newly elected officers will take charge of their office at the January meeting.  Officers of the Concourse shall include a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Race Secretary, and Race Liberator. Nomination of officers shall take place at the annual Concourse meeting which shall be held the second Saturday following the last official race of the schedule for Young Birds. Any member can make nominations for officers from the floor. Ballots will be mailed out or made available to each paid up active member of the Puget Sound Concourse no later than October 25th with a return of on or before the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. Completed ballots will be returned to the PSC Secretary. A majority vote of all ballots returned is required to elect officers and approve an Old/Young Birds race series. All officer terms are for one year. No person shall hold more than one office at a time, and should an office become open during the year due to resignation or any other cause, the President shall appoint a replacement.

Section 3. Duty of Officers:
The President is responsible for:
A. Presiding over all regular or special meetings in such a manner as to transact all business.
B. Ensuring that all officially called or scheduled meetings have written records that are:
(1) Distributed at a minimum to each club’s President and
(2) if appropriate posted on the PSC Website.
C. Shall break all tie votes and shall automatically be on all committees in an advisory capacity.
D. Be the spokesman for the Concourse, and will meet the public should the need arise.

The Vice-President is responsible for:
A. Presiding at all meetings in the absence of the President
B. Heading up special committees as appointed by the president, (i.e. Publicity).
C. Overseeing the Concourse’s Constitution & Bylaws and Race Rules to make sure the Concourse operates in accordance with
   AU rules and competition standards.
D. Chairs the Banquet committee.
E. The Vice-President will be a second signer on the Concourse official bank account so that in the event of a change in
   Concourse Treasurer or a situation arises that the Treasure is not available, there is still a Concourse representative on the
F. The Vice-President will preside over the transferring of Concourse Accounting records between the outgoing Treasurer and
   newly elected Treasurer.

The Secretary is responsible for:
A. Issuing notices of all Concourse meetings 14 calendar days in advance to all clubs,
B. Attending all general membership meetings and delegate meetings and record complete minutes of those meetings.
C. Preparation and distribution of an approved ballot within 7 days after the General Membership Meeting in October.
D. Accept returned ballots for counting and publish the results of the ballot.
E. Keeping the By-Laws and Constitution current and in compliance with the AU.
F. Coordinating with the Race Secretary to keep on file a current copy of the Concourse Race Rules.
G. Issuing a voted on and approved copy of the By-Laws, Constitution and Race Rules to each club each year prior to the first
   race of the Old Bird Series.

The Treasurer is responsible for:
A. Keeping of all financial books and records pertaining to the Concourse financial transactions such as:
(1) Receiving membership dues
(2) Provide the Race Preparer a list of paid concourse members no later than April 1st of each year and the name of any
    new member(s) that join during the year.
(3) Receiving club shipping fees
(4) Receiving any other payment(s) made to PSC
(5) Making timely and accurate bank transactions
(6) Making payments on all approved obligations such as Race Preparer,Trucker, Truck repairs, etc.
(7) Reporting any delinquent club accounts to the PSC President
B. The treasurer will submit a written financial account report to the Board of Delegates semi-annually (copies made available for
   each delegate);
C. The treasurer will provide a verbal account of the financial records at all General Membership meetings. The treasure will
   provide a written report if requested.
D. The treasurer will provide, as directed at anytime by the PSC President, a written financial report.
E. The treasurer will provide each club a complete listing of all members in good standing, no later than the 3rd old bird race and
   an updated list within 2 weeks of the last race of the young bird season.
F. The Treasurer will maintain the User Id and Password to the PSC Website. The Treasurer will provide this information to the
  Contracted Race Preparer and periodically check to insure this information has not been changed.
G. Keeping in his custody all books and records pertaining to the Concourse’s financial matters.
H. Assist as necessary in the changing of signature authority on the Concourses bank account.
I. At the termination of his office the Treasurer shall immediately surrender to the Vice-President or new officer, all books, records,
  and related papers together with such funds or monies in his possession. An audit shall always be made by the incoming
  Treasurer and two (2) members of the Concourse as appointed by the Vice-President. The audit will take place within 10
   calendar days of receipt of the accounting documentation of the out going treasurer and a written acceptance or discrepancy
   report be submitted to the President. The report will remain with the Concourse’s accounting documents.

The Race Secretary:
The Race Secretary is responsible for or has the authority to do the following:
A. Supervising and ensuring the integrity of each race
B. Receiving written inquiries/complaints and ensuring action is taken on all inquires/complaints to include providing written
   documentation of all recommendations and/or actions to be taken to all parties concerned.
C. Audit, verify, question or halt any action that might compromise the integrity of any race.
D. Chair the race committee. The committee is made up of the Race Secretary of each member club. Each of the secretaries will
   assist the PSC Race Secretary with the supervision of each race.
E. The Race Committee shall resolve all questions and disputes regarding race releases or competition.
F. Should any member of the Race Committee be involved in a matter requiring action by the race committee, they will be
   temporarily removed from the committee until the matter is resolved. The club that this member belongs to may if it chooses
   appoint someone to the committee that is not associated in the matter under consideration.

Race Liberator:
The Race Liberator is responsible for:
A. Liberation of the all official Concourse races.
B. Making any deviations from the published release times or location as he determines is in the best interest of the overall
   safety, competition and completion of any race.
C. Coordinating the race liberation with the Trucker
D. Notifying member clubs of release times, weather, and any changes or problems.
F. Coordinating with clubs for a primary and alternate point of contact to be notified of all race liberation information.

Section 4. Contracted Race Preparer:
Each year the PSC membership will select through a bid process a Contracted Race Preparer. The Race Preparer is a contracted employee of the concourse and will only act on concourse matters as directed by the President, Secretary or Race Secretary.
The Contracted Race Preparer is responsible for:
A. Maintaining a record of all release points and publishing race results.
B. Maintaining the Puget Sound Concourse Website and posting approved documentation on the site. All documentation or data
   posted on the website will be approved/submitted by the Concourse President or in his absence the Vice President, Secretary
   or the Race Secretary.
C. He/she shall oversee all race computation activities.
D. Work with clubs and if necessary the AU Winspeed Representative if problems occur at any point during race result tabulation.
E. Make available all race results for the preparation of all Awards/Diplomas no later than 4 weeks after the last official race of the
  Young birds series.
F. May at anytime make a separate offer to prepare PSC awards/Diplomas if not included in the original bid.
Bids must be turned into the President of the Concourse before December 31st of each year for the PSC membership to determine by a majority vote of the membership present at the January annual meeting, who will be awarded the contract to act as the PSC Race Preparer. The party with the winning bid will be notified no later than the 1st of February every year to confirm their acceptance. A contract will be put in place no later than March 15th of every year.
The Concourse Treasurer will provide the Contracted Race Prepare with the user name and password that allows access to the Puget Sound Concourse Website for the purpose of posting and maintain data approved by the President, Secretary or Race Secretary. The Contracted Race Preparer shall not make any changes to the User Name or Password or any remaining portion of the contractual agreements will be null and void.

Section 5. Board of Delegates:
Board of Delegates:
At all Regular meetings or Special Meetings of the Concourse, each member club shall be represented by up to two Delegates to conduct the business of the Concourse. It shall be the duty of the delegates to attend Regular and Special Concourse meetings for the sole purpose of carrying Concourse issues back to the club for voting and bringing this information in the form of a vote count back to the Concourse. Each club shall notify the Concourse Secretary at the beginning of the annual year of the names of their two (2) Delegates and one (1) alternate, who shall represent their club.

Section 6. Meetings:
The PSC has three types of meetings:
1. Annual General Membership Meetings
2. Regular Board of Delegates Meetings
3. Special Meetings

1. Annual General Membership meetings:
A. There will be two Annual General Membership meetings each year.
(1) One annual meeting shall be held at 10 am the second Saturday after the last official Young Bird race. This is typically in
(2) The second Annual meeting shall be held at 10 am the last Saturday in January.
B. The business of the Annual Membership Meeting in October shall include:
(1) The nomination of officers,
(2) Consideration of any changes to the Constitution and By-laws and/or Race Rules;
(3) Establishment of membership dues and fees for the following year.
(4) Each club may turn in a proposed Old and Young Bird race schedule for the following year.
(5) Two schedules for the Old Bird Series and two schedules for the Young Bird Series will be selected by a three quarters
    (3/4) (of the members present) vote to be placed on a ballot for voting on by the active member ship (active membership
    as defined in accordance with AU rule 5.0). If a finalized schedule cannot be completed at this meeting, a second
    general membership meeting will be called by the President to complete this order of business.
(6) The PSC Secretary will prepare a ballot to be posted on the PSC website within 14 calendar days for club/members to
    use to vote for officers and race schedules. Other items deemed appropriate will be placed on the ballot.
C. The business of the Annual Membership Meeting in January will be to:
(1) Install PSC Officers
(2) Conduct PSC business as deemed necessary for the preparation of that years race season.
(3) All delegates will be provided written, telephonic or email notification of the locations for the annual meetings at least
    fourteen calendar (14) days prior to the meeting for dissemination to their club members. Annual meeting are open to all
    active Concourse members and the general public.

2. Regular Meetings:
Two regular meetings of the Board of Delegates will be held annually. These meetings will be held in the months of March and June. The President will notify each club at least 14 calendar days in advance of the date, time and location of the meeting. The meetings can be used for last minute coordination prior to the old bird or young bird seasons. The President will provide the clubs delegates with any known topics that may need club input prior to the delegates attending the PSC Delegates meeting. Club delegates must be able to represent their clubs in a voting capacity. Clubs should choose their delegates with this in mind. Regular meetings are open to all active members, but only designated club delegates may vote on matters requiring a vote.

3. Special Meetings:
A. Special meetings may only be called by the President unless item b. below is followed.  However, if the President believes it
   would not be in the best interest of the Concourse for him to preside over such a meeting he may direct another elected officer
   to hold the special meeting. Notice of such a meeting and its purpose shall be given to each Concourse Board Delegate at
   least three days in advance of the date of the meeting either in writing, personal contact, email or by a direct phone call. The
   President may at his discretion limit attendance at a Special meeting to the Board of Delegates. The President will in his
   notification of a Special meeting indicate whom may attend.
B. The President or Vice-President or another elected official may call a special meeting within 3 days of receipt of a signed
   request from a minimum of 25% of the current delegates of each club in the concourse. The request must provide specific
   details as to the reason for a special meeting and which elected official is requested to preside over the meeting.
(1) The elected official in charge of the meeting will determine the order of business and ensure complete and accurate
    minutes of the meeting are recorded and made available upon request.
(2) If the meeting is called in regards to any member of the PSC (elected or not), that individual will be made aware (in
    writing) of the meeting and provided any documentation that will be presented. The individual will be provided written
    notification within 3 calendar days of the meeting and has the right to decide if they want to attend the meeting or not.
(3) The outcome of the meeting will be made public as deemed appropriate and/or upon request.

Section 7. Order of Business:
The normal order of business at General and Regular meetings shall include:
~Roll Call:
~Reading, requests for corrections and the adoption of the minutes of any previous meeting not formally adopted/approved;
  Financial Report; Committee Reports: Communications; Unfinished Business; New Business; Set date of next meeting (if
  required); Good of the Sport;
Quorum (Required for Regular and Special Meetings):
Three quarters (3/4) of the active delegates present shall constitute a quorum. A Quorum is necessary for the Board of Delegates
to conduct business.
~Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws can only be acted upon at the January annual meeting. A vote to adopt the
Constitution, By-Laws and race rules will be taken during the January General Membership Meeting. The PSC secretary will
provide an updated copy of the Constitution, By-Laws and race rules based on this meeting to each club no later than 4 weeks
after the meeting.
~A three-quarters (3/4) majority vote of all active members of the concourse present shall be required for adoption.

Section 8. Rules of Order:
Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority of the Concourse except when inconsistent with the By-Laws or Special Rules of the Concourse.

Section 9. Membership Dues:
Annual dues for members shall be discussed and determined at the annual meeting in October, by a three quarters (3/4) majority vote of the active members present at the meeting. Dues shall be paid to the PSC Treasurer not later than April 1st of each year. No member may race or participate in any official capacity within the PSC until dues have been paid.
A. Annual Dues of $25.00 shall be used for Concourse operating expenses. The annual dues will be determined/approved each
   year at the annual January General Membership meeting.
B. Junior members, those who have not reached their 18th birthday, shall pay membership dues of $10.00. Junior members will
   pay no other fees.
C. Annual fees such as a Truck Fund Fee will be maintained and accounted for separately from any membership dues. The
   annual truck fund fee is $40.00. The amount of the fee will be determined/approved each year at the annual January General
   Membership meeting.
D. The cost to each club to transport shipping crates is $20.00 per crate. This cost will be determined/approved each year at the
   annual January General Membership meeting.

Section 10. Committees:
The Concourse shall have six permanent committees.
1. Trucking Committee
2. Banquet Committee
3. Race Committee
4. Survey Committee
5. PSF Committee
6. Kit Race Committee
7. Fund Raising Committee
(1) The Trucking Committee, The committee shall be made up of one member from each club and be chaired by an active
    member voted on and approved by three quarters vote of the PSC Concourse membership at an annual meeting.
    The Trucking Committee shall:
a. select the conveyor. It will be the duty of this committee to negotiate with the conveyor, specify shipping conditions and
   equipment requirements, pick-up points, and fees to be paid to the trucker.
b. prepare and have in place a signed contract no later than March 15th of each year
c. see that the Truck and equipment is maintained and in good operating condition.
d. handle any problems that arise in the shipping or transportation of the birds, and shall assist the Race Liberator in any
   manner he requests.
e. be the exclusive duty of this committee to communicate to the Trucker requests from any member club for special
   pick-ups, training or releases.
f. provide copies of the approved Trucking Contract to each club annually upon the approval of the contract.
(2) The Banquet/Awards Committee.
The Vice President chairs the banquet committee. This committee shall make the arrangements and manage all activities,
programs and issuance of awards for the Annual Awards Banquet. It will announce the date and location of the annual
banquet each year at the January General Membership meeting.
(3) Race Committee:
The PSC Race Secretary chairs this committee. The committee is made up of the Race Secretary of each member club. It
will be the duty of Race Secretary and the committee to ensure that all races are flown in accordance with Concourse and
AU race rules. Should any situation occur that jeopardizes the completion of the outlined race schedule (for example, a
smash release or truck breakdown) the Race Secretary will call an emergency (in person) meeting of all Race Secretaries to
determine the best course of action(s) to take. The committee shall have sole discretion on how to modify the remainder of
the schedule, up to and including cancellation. All clubs will be notified at the earliest possible time of any decision made by
this committee.
(4) Survey Committee:
This committee shall be comprised of a Chairman and one or two other members, appointed by the President and approved
by the membership, plus a member of each club who is to assist in the measurements of their club member’s lofts. A fee of
$25 per member is to be paid by the member directly to the PSC Committee member conducting the survey to cover their
expenses. The fee will be paid upon completion of the GPS measurement at the member’s loft. The Survey Committee
member doing the survey is responsible for leaving a copy of the GPS reading with the flyer and forwarding the reading to the
contracted race preparer.
(5) PSF Committee:
The Puget Sound Concourse President is responsible for all activities of this committee. This committee has sole
responsibility to manage all aspects of the PSF race. The committee shall be made up of at least one member of each club
wishing to participate. Each flyer entered in the race will at the awarding of prizes receive a financial statement for that years
(6) Kit Race Committee:
This committee shall manage, run and sponsor the PSC Kit Race. This committee may be comprised of a member club
conducting the Kit Race.
(7) The Fund Raising Committee
The committee shall be made up of two members from each club. Committee members will select a member of the
committee to chair the committee.

Section 11. Club Responsibilities:
Each club within the PSC will adhere to the PSC approved By-laws, Constitution and Race Rules. Each club is responsible for:
A. Providing the names of the two appointed Club Delegates and an alternate to serve on the PSC Board of Delegates to the PSC
B. Providing the name of the Club Race Secretary to the PSC elected Race Secretary.
C. Providing any assistance as requested by the PSC President.
D. Ensuring/providing membership/fee payments to the PSC Treasurer prior to the shipping of the first race of each year and
   ensuring that any unpaid members do not ship until they have paid. If a club is making a consolidated payment for more than
   one member a list of members for whom payment is being made will be attached to the payment.
E. Making shipping payments to the PSC Treasurer no later than 7 days from the time of shipping. Shipping payments must
   include a written report of the name of each flier entered in each race.
F. A club must provide a minimum of 3 days notice to the head of the PSC trucking committee if the club does not intend to ship
   a race.
G. Ensuring that their Race Secretaries provide the Race Preparer the clubs merge files as soon as possible after closing a race.
H. Working with the Race Preparer should any problems occur with merge files or race tabulation.
I. Notifying the Race Preparer that they should be receiving a GPS reading from the Survey Committee for a new flyer(s) or for
  flyers that have moved.
J. Ensure all club crates are clearly marked with the club’s name and individual crate number on the front of the crate.
K. Ensuring adequate help is available to load and unload the clubs shipping crates.
L. Providing the Race Liberator a primary and alternate point of contact to be notified of release times and/or race day

Section 12. Race Rules:
Race rules, special races, diplomas, trophies and other prizes shall be as directed by Concourse membership provided they do not conflict with the Official AU Race Rules. A copy of the Concourse race rules and race schedules for Old Birds and Young Birds shall be given to each club annually.

Section 13. Point System:
As posted on the PSC Website.

Section 14. Expulsion/Suspension:
A member(s) accused of dishonorable conduct as outlined by the AU Rules of Conduct (see Sec14.), shall be, at the PSC’s discretion, directed to appear before the officers and delegates of the Concourse, who will investigate the charges. The member(s) must be notified in writing at least 10 calendar days before the date of the meeting and such notice shall specify the reason or charges. If any written information is available the member will be provided such documentation. As a result of the investigation, the officers and delegates shall present their findings to the membership of the Concourse at the next regular or a special meeting or as soon as it is deemed necessary. The hearing must follow procedures outlined in the AU’s Constitution and Bylaws (see Sec. 15 Disciplinary Rules), and must assure the charged individual(s) is afforded “due process”. An expelled or suspended member(s) shall forfeit all privileges and claims against the organization.

Section 15. Disputes:
Disputes (other than race disputes which are to be handled by the Race committee) are to be settled as follows: They shall first be referred to the Concourse President for settlement. If the decision is appealed by either party to the dispute, the matter shall be taken up by the Board of Delegates for settlement. If this decision is appealed by either party to the dispute, the entire Concourse membership, other than the parties to the dispute, shall decide the issue(s) by majority vote or the dispute may be forward to the appropriate AU representative.

Section 16. Shortage of Operating Funds:
In the event the PSC first experiences a shortage in the general fund, to operate the PSC Treasurer will notify the PSC President. The PSC President will call an Emergency meeting of the Board of Delegates to discuss possible ways to correct the shortcomings. Upon completion of the meeting club delegates will report out to their respective clubs on the severity of the situation and recommended courses of action. Clubs delegates will report back to the PSC President with club vote on recommendations. The Board of Delegates will then determine the best course of action and a vote will be taken to approve the course of action to correct the shortage of funds. Three quarters (3/4) of the Board of Delegates is required to approve the course of action(s). Delegates will report back to their clubs the action(s) to be taken.

Section 17. Dissolution of Association:
The Concourse shall not be dissolved without the consent, in writing, of three-quarters (3/4) of its active members, obtained in one and confirmed in a second special meeting convened for consideration of such dissolution. Upon dissolution, the property of the Concourse shall be disposed of, to the best advantage, and the proceeds, after all bills and obligations have been paid, shall be equally divided among the member clubs in good standing as of the date of the initial dissolution meeting.

Draft Race Rules
Revised January 2005
All rules and regulations of the AU (American Racing Pigeon Union), and Puget Sound Concourse Race Rules shall be adhered to. Should any part of the club’s race rules be in conflict, the Concourse rules shall govern. Should Concourse rules conflict with the AU, AU rules will prevail.
1. Competition Standards:
a. The Race Committee is responsible to ensure all races are conducted in accordance with AU rules and guidelines. This
   committee will render an interpretation of any of these rules and shall render decision(s) regarding rules, infractions or
   disputes. The Race Committee’s decision shall be final in all cases. The committee will act on all disputes in accordance
   with applicable AU rule(s) (3.07).
b. The Race Liberator has absolute control of all sanctioned PSC race releases. His decision concerning the release,
   holding or returning of the birds is final and applies to every club’s birds that are shipped on any given race. All shipped
   birds will be released, held or returned as an entire PSC shipping. Individual clubs upon shipping must abide by the
   decisions of the liberator. Individual club’s birds will not be released, held, have the release point changed or be returned
   unless such an action applies to all birds shipped with PSC . The liberator will inform every club’s point of contact of his
   decisions in regard to the release, holding, change of release point or the return of the birds as soon as a decision is
c. All release problems or concerns will be directed to the PSC Race Secretary.
d. All requests for special transportation, pickups, training or problems with the trucker or truck shall be directed to the
   Concourse Race Secretary.
e. Race Distances: All race distances will be computed using the GPS system. Loft distances will be computed by the PSC
   Survey Committee and reported to the Contracted Race Preparer.
f. Race Schedule(s): Only active members as defined by AU rule 5.0 will be allowed to vote as defined in the rule.
(1) The race schedules for both the Old Bird Series and Young Bird Series will be discussed during the General
    Membership Meeting to be held in October. Each club in the concourse is encourage to submit a race schedule for
    each series to be considered for placement on the final ballot to be voted on by all active PSC members as defined
    by AU rule 5.0. A majority of the membership present at this General Membership shall decide which two proposals
    shall be placed on the final ballot. The PSC Secretary shall insure the correct race schedules appear on the final
    ballot for both the Old and Young Series. The PSC secretary will ensure the final ballot is made available to each
    club in the concourse. The PSC official website may also be used to make the official ballot available to the PSC
    active membership.
(2) The race schedule may not be changed once a race series is underway except as defined by AU rule 5.02.
(3) The PSC Race Committee shall state in writing, prior to the start of the season and for the benefit of the
    membership, how race schedule changes will be handled in the event of inclement weather, procedures for
    holdovers, delayed releases, or for possible outbreaks of disease per AU rule 5.03. As a standing rule the following
    will be followed and in effect upon acceptance of the race rules annually:
(a) In the event a race is cancelled and the birds are returned to their shipping points, the race schedule will
    remain in effect. That same race will be flown the following week.
(b) The Race Committee will handle all other circumstances, on a case-by-case basis.
g. Race Result Accuracy. Protesting of race result must be made in writing within 15 days of the recording of the race
   results to the Race Secretary. Response and changing results will be in accordance with AU rule 7.04.
h. Conveying and Liberating shall be in accordance with AU rule(s) 10.00 and ensuring the birds released in multiple race
   from the same location are released at least 30 minutes apart.
i  Time Out for Darkness (Dead Time) shall be applied as defined by AU rule 13.00.
j. Closing of Races : All races up to and including Coburg are one day races. All races further than Coburg are two-day
2. Shipping Crates: All participating clubs shall be responsible for clearly marking the club’s name and individual crate number on
   each crate and:
(a) the condition of their crates
(b) assist in loading and unloading of their crates from the transporter.
(c) ensuring all crates have all doors sealed. Unsealed crates will be disqualified.
(d) All crates must have feeders or the ability to feed the birds on the truck. Loose materials such as straw, wood chips, or
    sawdust are unacceptable.
3. Each club has the option to record the birds being shipped in each crate at the time of shipping.
(a) Should a bird(s) escape for any reason prior to the official liberation from a club’s crate a determination will have to be
    made as whether to disqualify only the entries in the crate in question or to disqualify all of that club’s entries.
(b) If a club can present the shipping list for the properly numbered crate in question, within 4 days of the event, only those
    entries will be disqualified.
(c) If a club cannot provide a shipping list the entire club’s entries will be disqualified.
4. Minimum Lofts: A club must have a minimum of three (3) members shipping from three separate physical loft addresses to
   compete at the Concourse level (see AU race rule 4.02). If a club drops below this required number, then they must ship
   with another member club to compete.
5. Awards, Diplomas & Race Sheet: All birds entered will be eligible for AU and Concourse awards. All Point Birds will be placed
   on the race sheet. Other lofts will also receive recognition by the listing of the first bird clocked. Diplomas will be issued at
   20 per race, along with a plaque plate for each race winner. Trophies for Champion loft, Champion Bird, and Average Speeds
   will be issued to the first position. The 2nd through 5th positions will receive diplomas. Junior members, under the age of 18
   years, will be issued the award for positions earned in regular competition or a Junior award for the top two Junior positions.
   Submission for AU awards will be based on AU Awards criteria.
6. Average Speed shall be figured by the total distance divided by the total elapsed time. All races in the Old Bird series shall be
   used to calculate average speed and all races in the young bird series shall be used to calculate average speed.
7. Clocks & Clocking: Each member shall be responsible for his clock being wound, filled with tape and in good mechanical
   condition. Only those clocks designed for use without capsules (capsule-less) may be used without capsules. All others must
   use capsules, with the exception of the newer Electronic Clocking systems. Electronic clocks shall have the antenna or
   scanner located inside stalls or drop holes to comply with AU rules (see AU Rule 16.06).  All clocks to include electronic
   clocking systems shall be started the day of shipping and stopped at knock-off using atomic time to do so. This is a
   requirement for every club in the concourse.
8. Race Results: Each club Race Secretary will make every effort to forward their club’s results to the Concourse Race Preparer
   no later than 24 hours after the release date of the race so that the race results may be prepared and posted.
9. Knock-off: All manual and electronic clocks are to be sealed (if necessary), and started and stopped using atomic time.
10. Clocking Limits: There is to be no clocking limit as per AU competition standards.
11. Dead Time: Standard “Dead Time” shall apply for all two day races as per AU rules: 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before
    sunrise as published in the Seattle Times (see AU rule 13.01).
12. Partnerships: Two or more members may fly from the same location/loft providing a flying roster is furnished to the Race
    Secretary for each member before the first race of the season and is observed throughout the season. A single clock may be
    used following the above guidelines. Birds may not be switched from one loft or team to another nor may the birds be
    combined anytime during that series for the year.
13. Bands: Only birds with unaltered seamless racing pigeon sized bands, approved by the AU may be entered. (See AU rule
14. Sick Birds: No sick, mite-infested or birds with Pox will be allowed to be shipped on races. The Race Secretary’s decision will